Changing Lives with Protein Restoration

DiaMedica Therapeutics is committed to improving the lives of people suffering serious diseases with initial focus on acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). We have manufactured, patented and in licensed technology for the first pharmaceutically active recombinant (synthetic) form of the KLK1 protein, for the treatment of AIS and CKD.

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Advancing Patient Care with Innovative Treatments

Our lead candidate, DM199, is a potential treatment for several health conditions in which the patient is experiencing low levels of the KLK1 protein.

Neurological Diseases

There is a significant unmet need for effective neurological disease therapies. We are focused on creating a treatment to promote blood flow and to inhibit inflammation and neuronal apoptosis. 

Kidney Diseases

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 30 million Americans struggle with chronic kidney disease,1 in 3 adults are at risk for CKD and it is the 9th leading cause of death in the US.  CKD , can adversely impact ones quality of life and, potentially lead to end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis or kidney transplant. We are diligently working on a treatment to improve kidney function and avoid further damage and disease progression.

Replenishing KLK1 Levels

DM199 therapy is intended to restore normal levels of the protein known as tissue kallikrein 1 (KLK1) in patients. The restoration of this protein is intended to allow patients to naturally regulate their blood flow and maintain vascular homeostasis as well as reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

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