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DiaMedica Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to changing the treatment paradigm for acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Our initial product candidate, DM199, mimics the behavior of naturally occurring human KLK1 proteins to preserve and restore circulation to stroke-damaged tissue and improve overall kidney function.

Restoring Healthy Function to Multiple Body Systems

We believe that DM199 has the potential to treat multiple diseases. By restoring levels of the naturally occurring protein KLK1, DM199 therapy has the potential to improve circulation and overall function of critical systems, as well as reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Our research is focused on exploring this potential in acute ischemic stroke, chronic kidney disease and other diseases where promoting homeostasis and improving blood flow throughout the body is beneficial.

Positioned for Success


We have developed a pharmacologically active recombinant form of KLK1. DM199 represents an optimized, patent-protected formulation combining closely related isoforms with varying degrees of glycosylation, a critical component of the candidate's effectiveness.


We have licensed a proprietary cell line technology that efficiently and reliably produces large amounts of KLK1. The patent-protected manufacturing process covers all the vectors and reagents used to manufacture DM199 at scale.


Our composition of matter and delivery patents are protected until 2033. Worldwide dose, route of delivery, formulation and indication patents are pending providing coverage to 2038.

Replenishing An Essential Proteins

We are seeking to restore the body's natural ability to regulate blood flow by reintroducing a protein known as tissue kallikrein 1 (KLK1). KLK1 has been shown to increase levels of nitric oxide, cGMP, prostaglandins and cAMP – “signaling molecules" that stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in surrounding tissue. DM199 is a recombinant (synthetic) form of KLK1 being developed to treat several serious illnesses.

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One Treatment, Multiple Diseases

Our lead asset, DM199, is being tested as a treatment for neurological conditions and kidney disease by boosting the body's production of KLK1.

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Clinical Trials: a Team Effort

At DiaMedica Therapeutics, we work together with physician investigators and trial participants to demonstrate how potential new therapies can improve treatment options.

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Our leadership team draws on expertise in all stages of clinical and biopharmaceutical development.

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